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The 7 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Timber Flooring

Costly Mistake 1: not getting enough information on the products you purchased.  Imagine spending months of time searching for the perfect timber floor but not getting what you expected in the end: floorboards are too thin; too light-weight so it does not feel as solid to walk on; the quality of the products were not the same as the sample showed to you or the products were not suitable to install in some areas you planned for. You are left with hopeless and frustrated. The trouble is, once your floor is being installed, you may have to keep on and go with it.

We strongly suggest you do some thorough research yourself (online and offline), obtaining as much product information as possible before purchasing. It is always better and safer to shop with specialty stores in the floor industry, simply because the specialist retailers are more likely to offer you more choices in products, more information on products, and expert advice on installations.

As a specialist retailer in the timber floor industry, we have a large collection in all types of timber flooring products. Feel free to ask our experts detailed questions about your preferred products, and know exactly what you are getting before buying them. We will make sure that choosing the right timber floor should never be a stressful decision for you and do our best to help you avoid that regret further down the track.

Costly Mistake 2: quality of the products you purchased does not meet Australian Standards. There are hundreds of brands in timber flooring products available on the market today. Some have been manufactured with better quality control than others. If you are unlucky you may get products with quality problems, such as improperly made click-lock system, insufficient UV protection and coating for Australian weather conditions, and so on.

To avoid these issues, you should pay attention not only to the main properties such as floor material, thickness and coating, but aslo to varios other properties such as the click system, surface/edge protection and plank composition.

We have been in the timber flooring industry for more than 15 years and we have built a strong quality control team to make sure that all our products meet Australian standards. You can be assured to have a 100% product satisfaction guarantee when shopping with us.

Costly Mistake 3: the new timber floor does not match the overall value to your property. Timber flooring is a long term and major investment for your home improvement. When allocating budget to timber flooring you should always consider it in the context of the market value of your property. Normally we do not recommend customers putting cheap laminate floor in their million dollar property, nor do we suggest putting luxury hardwood floor in their lower valued rental property.

Natural timber flooring can substantially add beauty and value to your property. If you have allowable budget, it is better to choose the one that can add the maximum beauty and value to your property.

Our expert team is committed to helping you find the best timber flooring which will add the luxury and the value to your home at an affordable price.

Costly Mistake 4: making decisions on price alone. In a highly competitive industry like timber flooring, shopping on price alone simply means that you will get less from what you paid for. If you base your purchase of timber flooring on price alone, you simply get less value and less service than you expect or pay for. Therefore if you have received a cheaper quote, ask yourself what may be missing and how important the missing parts are to you.

The fact is, unless you are an expert in the industry, you may not be able to figure out the importance of these missing parts. A short list of seemingly small differences in service can make a big difference in the final result of your new timber flooring. To keep you free from headaches in the future, the availability of post-sale service following your installation is essential.

By choosing us, you become our valued customers, to which we expect to deliver the maximum possible value; far beyond that of cheap and/or inferior products and a one off sale that ends when you walk out of the door.

Costly Mistake 5: comparing Apples with Oranges . We encourage people shopping around to get a few quotes so they can compare between them. It is likely that quotes from specialist retailers in timber flooring would be more expensive than those from general hardware stores and those from home-operated floor installers.

The fact is, the quality of product and the value of professional service you get from these different businesses can have major differences. In many cases, a cheaper quote could end up in higher cost for the same timber flooring project.

If you are dealing with specialist retailers like us, you can be assured that once you accept our quote, you will have full protection for the products and the workmanship if you require our installation. This means you can sit back relax and enjoy your new timber flooring without having to worry about repeatedly calling the supplier/installer to fix problem after problem.

Costly Mistake 6: not enough skills for doing the DIY flooring. Most of our floating timber floor ranges can be DIY. If you have the skills and the tools you need, going the DIY route can save you some money and you can be proud of the job you done. However, if you are not confident about your workmanship skills, your DIY could end up a disappointing new floor, or even end up with a higher cost over the course of its lifetime.

We are more than happy to help our DIY customers. We have picked up heap of little tips and tricks over the years in the timber flooring business. We are happy to share it all with you to make sure your job gets done, and is done right the first time. If you decide to go with DIY, make sure you have the necessary tools, and order at least 8% extra floor boards and accessories to cover possible wastage before you start the installation.

Costly Mistake 7: timber floors not being installed professionally. We have many customers purchase our flooring products and have the installation done by contractors (house renovators or builders). The fact of the matter is, tradesmen or builders may be good within their own areas, however floor installation may result in a disappointing finished product: sub-floor incorrectly prepare before installation, floor boards popping up or making nooise after a few months of use, lots of rough edges and so on. In many cases, a DIY job by the owner would be much better than subcontracted tradesmen in timber flooring installation.

Over the years we have established a strong installation team with 7 highly experiences professional members. The leader and the owner of the business, Feilong Lin, who himself has Queensland Builders Licence (QBCC No.1266480) with more than 10 years installation experience. All of our team members are our full-time staff rather than subcontractors.

All our installation projects will be designed by, supervised by and personally involving Feilong. Therefore we can better apply our quality control over all our timber flooring projects. When you accept one of our supply and full installation package you are backed up by not only the rock solid product quality warranty, but also by workmanship warranty for installation and our reliable follow up service for years to come.