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The following table shows most popular rug sizes and suggested places for their use.  Please keep in mind that this table is only a reference guide; there is no absolute rule the placement of rugs of different sizes.


Rug / Mats Size in CM

Suggested Place for Use

50x80, 60x90

Room or house entry, beside kitchen/bathroom/laundry sinks

60x120, 70x130, 80x150

Room or house entry, beside sofas or beds, beside kitchen/bathroom/laundry sinks


Children's play corners, children's rooms, beside coffee tables or 2-seated sofas

110x160, 120x170

Medium-size entry areas, under or beside coffee tables, beside beds or 2-seated sofas

150x220, 160x230, 160x160 square / circle

Large-size entry areas, standard-size living/lounge rooms with 2- or 3-seated sofas, small dining areas with 4-seated dining tables

180x270, 190x290, 200x300, 200x200 square / circle

Large living rooms or lounges with 3-seated sofas, medium-size dining areas with 6-seated dining tables

220x330, 240x340, 300x400, 240x240 square / circle

Larger living rooms, family rooms, lounge areas and dining areas

70x300, 80x300, 80x400